Here are some of my
Metal Shop & Projects

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Garden frog

Garden frog
with patina

wall plaque

Lizards wall art

Target stands

Petroglyph wall art

Crab wall art


Sheet metal toolbox

Yard Bunny

Mailbox Gecko

wall art
Dad's Garage
Dad's Garage
  Furnace filter frame  Furnace filter frame
Two furnace filter frames I made to filter the outside air
Rock Crusher
Rock Crusher
Many people have never seen a plasma cutter in action, so here is a 4-minute video of the "Nitro" cutter working a pattern on a piece of 16 gage steel.

Make sure to click on the Full Screen icon:
Take a 7-minute tour of some of our shop equipment.
Back when I completed my Lathe training class,
here is my completed class project:
The aluminum rod is what I started with.
(All of this was just for practice.)

The project that consumed most of my time in 2015 was my JACO mini-pistol.

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