Why I HATE Duracell Batteries

by "Scrap-Iron" Rik

You would not beleive the number of electronic devices that I have had ruined by Duracell batteries leaking!

I have had at least 30 or 40 different devices that have had these inferior batteries leak, from ham radios, cameras, toys, remotes, clocks, tools... any electronic devices that I leave these in for an extended period of time and forget that they are Duracell Leakers!

I try to remember, but have so often forgotten to remove them, what a pain! I now use either Panasonic eneloop AA Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeables, Panasonic Platinum Power AA Alkaline, or Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA, none of which have leaked yet.

Here is an article that may help you salvage your electronics after Duracell tries to ruin them.

Look at these photos,
taken in February 2015
Brand new
New, dated 2015,
in storage box,
never used. This photo
taken in February 2015.
Ruined hearing protectors
Peltor Hearing Protectors
Stored one year with
cells dated 2015
Still in package
More brand new,
2017 dated Duracells,
still in original packaging!
More photos, taken in April 2015
Ptouch Label Maker 
Here is my PTouch
Label maker. Oh,
These are supposed to
be good to 2023?
Wall clock 
How often do you check
the batteries in your
wall clocks? When
they stop... Too LATE!

Laser Measuring tool,
left too long...
And the saga continues... Summer 2015
TP Gauge TP Gauge
When I needed my Tire
Pressure guage,
here is what I found...
When I needed the small LED flashlight that I keep in the console of my car, I discovered they had leaked white powder. No surprise it was Duracells leaking again, but this time they actually filled the flash with liquid, which fried the circuit board = flashlight ruined.
LED flashlight  LED flashlight
You can see the liquid in the battery holder.

...and on to 2016
 Temp sensor
Here is the remote sensor for my indoor/outdoor temperature instrument. Totally destroyed, will not work now!
There are just so many things that have batteries in them, I cannot guess what ones are still lying around my house that I have not discovered yet. Every time I think I am done... Another one rears it's ugly head!  

Oh, it is not just me... Read what others say:
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Want more? Just "Google" the term "Duracell Batteries Leak"

In the interest of fairness, I present the following:

There is a reason that the following information is available on the Internet...
But is it worth it? You need to hassle to send an item to them, and that item may no longer be available for purchase, and do you remember where you originally purchased it?
I say no!

DURACELL — http://www.duracell.com/en-US/battery-care-disposal.jspx


If you're not completely satisfied with a Duracell® product, contact us.

All of our batteries are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. Should any device be damaged by these batteries due to such defects, we will either repair or replace it if it is sent with the batteries. Send with postage prepaid to:

Berkshire Corporate Park
Bethel, CT 06801
Att: Consumer Dept.
Phone: 1-800-551-2355