Welcome to Rik's Adventures
Last update: November 29, 2010

I have posted some stories and photos on this page... follow these links to view them:

My Hiking Journals and Photos:
   September 1982 Trout Lake with Erik
                             View the Trout Lake Photo Show
   September 1982 The Enchantments with Lyle
   September 1985 Lake Mary with Lyle & Glenn
   August 1987 British Columbia Motorcycle Trip
   August 1996 Goat Rocks Wilderness
   July 1998 Hester Lake with Mark
   July 1999 trip to  Hells Canyon with Erik - photos & story
   September 2000 trip to Indian Heaven - photos & story

Our 2009 Cross-country Adventure:
   October through December, 2009 Photos and Blog.

Our 2010 Yellowstone trip:
   September, 2010 Photos and Blog.

Additional photos are available at Rik's Picasa photos